I hate Milk!

I hate milk!

Glass of Milk

I never had a glass of milk as far as I remember in my life. Taste, Odour, Color I don’t even like single thing about that. Last month when I visited my dentist for regular checkup, he told me how milk is important for each individual. We should have at least one glass of milk everyday as it is rich source of calcium. Calcium is very essential for our Bone Health and Teeth.

If this thing is not enough I will share several pros of milk which will encourage you to include it into your diet.

Amazing Complexion

Who doesn’t want amazing complexion with no blemishes. Milk can help you to achieve that. Milk helps to keep your skin supple, soft, and glowing. This is thanks to the many vitamins and nutrients that are essential to skin health. I am not saying you need to fill a tub with milk and relax, but drinking at least one glasses per day will provide you with this benefit.

Strong Teeth

Milk is the best source for calcium, and that’s exactly what your teeth need.Apart from this, milk helps prevent cavities and tooth decay. The calcium can only be absorbed by your body when vitamin D is around, so make sure that you have milk in breakfast.

Weight Loss

Yes, you read it right, milk helps in weight loss. Studies have proven that women who drink milk daily are more likely to lose weight than women who do not drink milk. So better include it into your diet and start loosing weight. You need to drink luke warm milk.

Energy Booster

Milk is great for many things, but did you know it’s also great for boosting your energy? When you’re struggling to get through the day and you need a little pick-me-up, reach for an ice cold glass of milk. You will feel revitalized in no time.


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