Stop using sulfate based shampoos.


Stop using sulfate based shampoos.

You might have a question why I am commenting like this? We all are using shampoos but never consider this fact regarding sulfate. We never checked if our shampoo has sulphate as an ingredient or not.

What sulfate does?

Sulfate based shampoos are very harmful for our hair.  The Sodium lauryl sulfate removes all natural oil from our hair making them dull, dry and frizzy and strips away pigmentation from hair color. It plays a significant role in weakening hair follicles and hair strands if used for a prolonged period of time. Due to this, hair gets prone to breakage.


We should use sulfate free shampoos and get our scalp and hair pampered each time we wash them.

Why we should use Sulfate Free Shampoos?

  • We all love healthy, shinny and bouncy hair. With use of Sulfate free Shampoos natural oil of scalp will not be washed off and this will always gives us healthy hair.
  • We all love experimenting with hair colors. With use of Sulfate free Shampoos we can increase life of color into our hair. It will not strip away pigmentation.
  • Hair full is one of biggest problem we face these days. When we use Sulfate free Shampoos it will not weakens hair follicles and there will be less hair fall.

Any there are n number of benefits of using Sulfate free Shampoos. Upgrade your regular shampoo to Sulfate free Shampoos and see the difference. Do share your feedback and what change you have noticed after the change.

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