Happy Mornings

Hey dreamers! I hope this post found you all in good mood. If not then this will post will definitely change.  Be Happy and keep everyone happy.


I am not a morning person. Getting up early was a challenge every day for me. Alarm keeps on ringing but I was never able to wake up. This leads to reach late to office, so many escalations and a bad day. In order to reach office on time, several times we skip our breakfast. In rush, we may forget several important things at home.

We should follow below steps for a healthy life but can be followed only once we start our day early.


Life is beautiful and we found it even better when we get up early. Cold breezes, sunrays with lot of Vitamin D (as my mother says) are very southing. Exercises and Yoga done at that time will give 110% result. On top of that we will never be late for office. But how to? How can we get up early? Our heart never allows us to leave bed in morning. So I thought to share my experience and tricks with you all dreamers which I implemented in my daily life.


Keep your alarm unreachable: Put your alarm away from the bed in such a way that whenever it rings in morning you needs to leave your bed and then switch it off. Trust me it works.

Set up a goal and give your 100% to achieve that.  You will feel difficulty for first 20 days then you will be habitual to get up early. It will become part of your routine.

What can happen if you will not get up? Think about it once as you get your alarm ring.  Trust me; it will make a lot of difference.

Here I also want to share my grandmother trick with you all. Ask your feet to wake you up let say at 6:00 in morning. You will definitely get up at 6:00 am, now you just need to motivate yourself to leave the bed.

Tip: Always keep a glass of water beside your bed and drink it first in morning.

Do share your experiences, if the mentioned tricks worked or not. Don’t forget to share your experiences as well if you are allergic to mornings.




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