Solitaire- Facts need to considered before buying them


A solitaire: Every women dream to have in her finger. It looks so pretty that we just get attracted to it and never checks for the major factors about that.

How many of us are aware about it. Do we know the important characteristics which we should keep in mind while buying any solitaire? Do we know what to check and what we can put to second priority. If not, then this is definitely the post which is for you.


A solitaire is encapsulated with Four C’s rule i.e. cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These characteristics are must for any solitaire.

  • Cut of a diamond determines its brilliance. The better a diamond is cut, the more sparkle it will have.
  • Color grade refers to the lack of color. The more colorless the diamond, the higher quality grade it will receive.
  • Clarity refers to imperfections. Diamonds with few or no imperfections receive the highest clarity grades.
  • Carat is specifically a measure of a diamond’s weight.


  • Of the 4Cs,cut is the most important characteristic because it has the greatest influence on a diamond’s sparkle. Simply put, the better the cut grade, the more it will sparkle.
  • Even if a diamond has a perfect clarity and color grade,if it has a poor cut, it may appear dull.
  • Gemologists recommend choosing the highest cut grade within your budget. Very Good or better, if possible.


A diamond’s cut grade is an objective measure of a diamond’s light performance, or, what we generally think of as sparkle. When a diamond is cut with the proper proportions, light is returned out of the top of the diamond as per gemologists. If it is cut too shallow, light leaks out of the bottom; too deep and it escapes out of the side.



  • Of the 4Cs, color is the second most important characteristic because the human eye detects sparkle first (diamond cut) and color second.
  • As a diamond’s color grade improves, its price increases. However, at a certain point, the color difference cannot be detected unless under professional magnification.
  • To maximize your budget, choose what’s called a near-colorless diamond (grades G-H) because the naked eye will still not see traces of color for these grades.

Color manifests itself in a diamond as a pale yellow. This is why a diamond’s color grade is based on its lack of color.



  • Of the 4Cs,clarity is the third most important characteristic because most imperfections cannot be seen unless under professional magnification. ( Cut is the most important 4C to consider)
  • Clarity refers to the tiny imperfections called inclusions. Diamonds with the least and smallest inclusions receive the highest clarity grades.
  • To maximize your budget, choose what’s called an eye-clean diamond (grades VVSI-SI1), which means it has no visible inclusions to the naked eye.

Clarity refers to the tiny, natural imperfections that are present in all but the rarest diamonds. The less inclusions, the better the clarity. Gemologists refer to these imperfections by a variety of technical names, including blemishes and inclusions. Because these imperfections tend to be microscopic, they do not generally affect a diamond’s beauty in any discernible way.



  • The most well-known and misunderstood characteristic of the 4Cs is Carat Weight. It actually refers to the diamond’s weight, not its size.
  • A diamond’s cut impacts how large the Carat Weight will appear.Smaller carat weight diamonds will appear larger with higher cut grades.
  • To maximize your budget, consider buying a diamond that is slightly below your ideal carat weight. For example, instead of a 3.0 carat diamond consider buying a 2.9 carat weight.



I hope this information will help you all to get a solitaire of your dream. That’s it for this post.

Until next, keep dreaming. Don’t forgot to tell in comments below what you think about this post.

Never forget, dream don’t work unless we do.





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