John Abraham is bollywood version of Dwayne Johnson: Abhinay Deo

After a wait of five long years, producer Vipul Shah has rolled out the sequel to his 2011 hit Force this time with Abhinay Deo as the director.

As per Abhinay Deo, John Abraham is Bollywood own version of Dwayne Johnson. It is often said that Dwayne Johnson is made of rock and it is neither incorrect to complement John Abraham as synonym of Dwayne Johnson. He has made his image in such a way that we could never imagine any other rock star in his place at present.

Since, Force 2 is released , he just proved Abhinay Deo  correct in this movie. He looks so dashing with his muscular body. When Abhinay was asked, what is difficult to shoot Action or Romance? He replied- “Anything is difficult to be it action or emotion. Every genre is difficult. If you want to make anything different, it becomes difficult”.

We completely agree with Abhinay Deo and waiting for what reviews Force 2 will get from his viewers.




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