Akshay kumar is real hero in 2.0 -Rajinikanth

Superstar Rajinikanth, who has teamed up with actor Akshay Kumar for the upcoming movie ‘2.0’, says the Khiladi of Bollywood is the hero in the film.

In ‘2.0’ Rajinikanth will reprise the role of ‘Dr Vaseegaran’ and ‘Chitti’ while Akshay, who is the new addition, plays a villain in the sequel of ‘Robot’.

“In this film I am villain. The truth is hero of ‘2.0’ is not Rajinikanth but Akshay Kumar. If I was given a choice I would have taken that character. Hats off to Akshay” Rajinikanth said. In this way he passes all battle to Akshay Kumar. whatever will be the scenaio but we still believe this jodi will rock the box office. It will not only hit 100 crores club, but will win viewers heart as well.

Salman Khan makes a surprise visit at Robot 2.0. what he said at the moment was truly expected from him as Akshay Kumar is Akshay Kumar no one can replace him.

Akshay Kumar’s talent is not unknown and his acting prowess has made him the star that he is today. And Akshay Kumar’s good friend, Salman Khan also feels the same. The “Dabangg” Khan showered praises for Akshay at the first look event of Rajinikanth starrer ‘Robot 2.0’. Speaking at the event, Salman said Akshay is the only actor who has been growing and all others are stagnant actors. Salman and Akshay have earlier worked together in blockbuster film ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’. (ANI)

This movie will be released on Diwali 2017. Here’s first look for the movie.liveyourdream.jpg




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