Manu Punjabi shocking exit from Bigg Boss- here is the reason.

Bigg Boss is known for its own style but Bigg Boss 10 is taking that many twists and turns like no one can expect, one of the most favorite contestants of the show has to leave the game in the middle. Yes, Bigg Boss 10 contestant Manu Punjabi, who along with his friends Manveer and Mona took the entertainment level of the show to a new level, is not a part of the game for the time being.


As per sources, There is some family emergency happened at his home. His mother got expired due to heart attack. But this news is yet to be confirmed. No one can expect his exit from the house in this way.


We hope everything is fine and we can see himback in BIGG BOSS 10, as he was definetly worth following person there and was life of the show.




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