Review : Jovees Jojoba and Neem Face Scrub

My skin is very much prone to blackheads that’s why I could not survive without Scrub. Scrub is essential product in my daily skincare. Recently I came across Jovees Jojoba and Neem Face Scrub which is very effective for the blackheads and keep skin moisturized as well and pocket friendly.  It gives me a very refreshing, clean and soothing feeling that i just can’t survive without this.



Oily and sensitive skin needs special cleaning. This gentle scrub contains fine Jojoba beads and neem along with other botanical nutrients that cleans the skin, removes excessive oil and dull skin cells without rupturing the skin. It also helps to improve skin elasticity and suppleness. It will cost Rs. 170 for 100 grams.


How to Use:

Apply Jojoba and Neem scrub all over the face and neck after washing it with luke warm water. Then massage it in circular and upwards motion.  Be gentle with your skin. After 3-4 minutes rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow  it with good moisturizer.


The scrub comes in a  tube which is medium in size and light-weight. The tube is quite travel friendly. It has flip-flop opening due to which it is very simple and fuss free to use. When you open the cap there is a tiny hole which dispenses the right amount of product.


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