News! Check Out what Yuvi Mom has to say about her Daughter in Law.

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech are finally married. The couple along with Yuvi’s mother Shabnam Singh are really happy and before flying off for their honeymoon. We asked Shabnam some questions and she tells us about why she’s a happy mom today...


Everyone says that you never approved of Yuvi’s girlfriends. True?

It was never a question of approving or disapproving. I just felt he needed time to really know his girl and to make sure that he was making the right choice when he finally took the plunge. I let him be and gave him that space to realise that he finds the right girl. It was important that he does not make mistakes when he settled down.


What makes Hazel so special?

Hazel has got a very clean and warm heart. What I love about her is that she will do anything to make the family happy. She is a very sacrificing, home-loving girl. Even her mom is like Hazel, very warm and family-oriented. I am very happy that Hazel’s very different from the other girls that Yuvi has known. Hazel is very caring and gives her 100 per cent to her home and relationships. It’s what I would have wanted for Yuvi’s wife. Even when they were dating, she got several offers but she was clear — all she wanted was a house and to keep it clean and nice. Having said that, I want to add that I want Hazel to be outgoing too. She’s a free person and there is no compulsion from our side about anything. If she finds something nice to do, she has our support.



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