Color Blocking

On every second post of Insta, we saw something about color blocking. We often get confused with this technique, end up getting an inappropriate result.



We never want anything, which makes our life boring. But if we miss something in style, we end up getting disappointed. So I thought why don’t share the Color blocking techniques which will help all.

Color-blocking is when a garment or outfit is composed of finite blocks of color.

It is not the easiest trend to pull off successfully, so I wanted to share with you five simple ways to make you feel super confident about your choices.

  1. Coffee and rhubarb.

Coffee and rhubarb..jpg

2. Pumpkin spice and eggplant

Pumpkin spice and eggplant.jpg

3.Bubblegum and peony pink

Bubblegum and peony pink..jpg

4. Cornflower blue and army green

Cornflower blue and army green..jpg

5. Lipstick red and fuchsia.

Lipstick red and fuchsia..jpg

6. Banker blue and gold

Banker blue and gold.jpg

7. Mustard yellow and tangerine

Mustard yellow and tangerine..jpg

Although you may love the color-blocking trend, the reality is it may not be suitable for your lifestyle, or so you thought!

If you work in a creative field or casual office then, sure, it’s much easier to experiment with various color combos and/or architectural color-blocked patterns. Or maybe you just haven’t been able to find satisfying results for color-blocked weekend wear. Whatever the reason may be, don’t give up, there is a solution…try color-blocked accessories. Color-blocked handbags, shoes, scarves, jewelry and other accessories are a huge hit in the marketplace. No need to admire from afar, now there’s no reason not to participate in the color-blocking trend!

Thanks for reading. Share your reviews about the post.





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