Saree Draping

 Learn Step by Step How to wear Saree in 9 Different Styles

The basic requirements to drape saree:

  • Saree: A long 6yard drape one piece fabric to wrap around the body.
  • Blouse: The essential need of saree, top wear which is almost like a crop top but in well fitting.
  • Petticoat: Worn as bottom wear in a long inner skirt serving to carry the drape firmly. You can also Buy petticoat with purchasing any saree.


Tips to remember before draping Saree.

  • Always wear your petticoat firmly at the waist, so that the saree is tucked in properly without falling off.
  • Always put on Heals, or any footwear you desire to wear along the saree, before you start draping up, as this brings the perfect length draped around the body.
  • Use safety pins or clips to pin up pleats and sections where the drape is required to be fixed.

The basic Saree style

Steps need to be followed while draping a basic saree style.

  1. Take the saree end from the top edge, tuck it in the petticoat starting from the right side of your waist across your left waist.
  2. From the left hand bring the drape around your waist from the back to the centre front tucking it in.
  3. Now you will need to make 6-8 of 5-6 inches pleats of the remaining drape at the centre and tuck it in the petticoat, facing pleats to the left.
  4. Bring the open drape across your back to your front from the right side, without tucking it. You can pin up the pleats at the centre for it to be in centre position and tuck the drape edge till your left side waist.
  5. Now hold up the width (pallu) section and make pleats in complete width in 5-6 inches, making sure the border falls on the first pleat to drape it on shoulder.
  6. Hold the pleats in vertical and bring the drape fall from beneath the right armhole, pulling it up towards and across your left shoulder.
  7. Place the pleats properly on your left shoulder by keeping at least a metre length fall down from the shoulder point, and pin it in place to fix it.

You are ready to flaunt around in the saree attire looking gorgeous. Moving on to saree drapes for special occasions, which all use the beginning steps of the basic drape.


How to drape Bengali Saree

Bengali sarees are well famous for the royal religious look, depicting the royal ethnic look of their Bengali culture. Sarees in white and red border is the origin in the culture of Bengali puja rituals. Heavy sarees with silk woven motifs and border look are highlighted by this drape. There are no lower drape pleats in this saree.

  1. The basic step of draping from bringing saree wrapped around from right to left to centre before taking the pleats, tuck it in the petticoat.
  2. Then take hold of the open edge tuck it in the waist till left waist, then tilt it and bring it to front right waist by tucking it.
  3. Repeat the phase of tilting it again, bringing it across left waist from front tuck at waist and again tilt and bring back to right side waist from front and tuck.
  4. Now pick up the width section and make pleats of the whole width in 5-6inches where border comes on front and first pleat. Pin it in position form falling off.
  5. Holding pleats vertical throw the pleated drape on your left shoulder front to back in all possible length hanging at back.
  6. Now hold the first pleat edge, spreading it across your back to the right side, bringing the corner in front under your right armhole to the top of your right shoulder falling it back on the right shoulder. A tassel or hanging is attached to the corner and left in position.

liveyourdream saree draping style2.jpg

How to drape Gujarati Style Saree

In Gujarat at most wedding events, women dress up in the traditional look in wearing their own origin draping style of saree. Also known as the siddha palla saree drape as the saree pallu comes in the front to highlight the look by extending it covering the whole front bodice.

  1. The basic style steps of draping from beginning to the till the pleats taken and tucked in to the centre petticoat facing the left.
  2. Then take the width section of the end drape and make pleats of the whole width in 5-6 inches, gather them firmly with the top border as the first pleat.
  3. Hold the pleats in vertical and bring them around your back waist from left side to the top right back shoulder.
  4. Putting the pleats from right shoulder back to fall front in a way which the pleats open to the left hand side, on the right front bodice in a length less than a metre.
  5. Tuck the pleats at the shoulder point with a pin to fix it, pick up the first border edge and pull it across your left side taking it under the left armhole and tuck it to your left back waist.

saree drape style1.jpg

How to drape Marathi saree

Maharashtra is known for its cultural activities and saree draping methods at festivals, and the fishermen dressing for women in the past was a saree in 9yards drape, which was draped in a particular style for women to be more actively comfortable for their activities. Today the draping style is not used much but still at wedding events and cultural dressing needs to be styled up in this saree drape. Follow the method to drape a saree in this form.

  1. First step of basic draping a saree till the section of lower drape pleats.
  2. Tuck the pleats in the waist keeping them a bit towards the left hand from center and facing the left hand side.
  3. Then pick up the open edge of the sari and making pallu pleats of the whole width in 5-6inches.
  4. Throw the pleated drape from turning in from the left back to the right bringing in front, under the right armhole to the left front shoulder.
  5. Then take the lower drape center mid pleat of the lower edge. Pushing it through between the two legs and pulling it up from the back mid, in a neat form.
  6. Keeping the border edge in front view, tuck it in the waist center back of the petticoat. It develops more free movement, a dhoti look.

saree drape style3.jpg

These all are the traditional draping style for saree. We have so many different ways as well, because with 6yards cloth, we can play in any way. I will decode the  rest party wear styles in my nest post.

Till then, keep dreaming and be stylish



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