5 Fabulous Ideas To Get Your Dream Wedding!


We spent so many hours, days and months to plan the big affair. Gone are the days when bride and groom weren’t included in the plan and had no idea how the wedding is going to be. Now-a-days they know what they want. And they are ready to experiment and make it an affair to remember for life. They are adding personal touch to their wedding.

 Get Your Wedding Outfit Customized!

Do your research and get your lehenga. Never blind trust on anyone when it comes to your bridal outfit. Always Pay close attention to the details, and theme of your wedding. This white outfit will really look good for wedding reception.


wedding golden lehenga.jpg

Bridesmaid is really important!

In some weddings, I have seen people missing about their bridesmaid shoot, bridesmaid and their outfits are equally important to make your dream wedding real.


Music is really important!

Play close attention to music as well. As music adds so much spark to any party. Same thing can happen to your marriage party as well. Get your playlist ready and hand it over to DJ.


Signature drinks
How about drinks specially dedicated to bride and groom. How amazing it is, a great way to personalize your bar.


Wedding Speeches
Though it’s a concept from the West, but gaining importance in Indian weddings too, after all it’s a nice way to tell what you feel just before your dear ones get married. It feels good when you dear ones come on stage and make you nostalgic and bless you in front of so many.


Don’t for get to tell us in comment below, what you guys think about these ideas







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