Tips for every bride to pose for camera

Hopefully you have done your research and picked a person who is trained, experienced and knows exactly what they are doing at a wedding with a camera. So don’t be surprised if they do unusual things like standing you in the shade on a glorious sunny day. They’re simply using top shade to avoid squinty eyes and nasty shadows on your face. Just go with it, they will have shot many weddings before and will probably have reason to what they’re doing. Trust them. Note: do try to give reasonable time to the photographer where you can on the day instead of just ten minutes and then expecting miracles. After all, the pictures are the one thing that last after the day.

There are certain posing tips that apply to all women whether they are wearing a bridal gown or not. However, your wedding day is the time when you’ll really want to put theory into practice and believe me it makes all the difference. Here are my top ten bridal posing tips;

Separate limbs -Keeping your arms away from your body also slims down the thickness of your overall body shape through illusion.

Where to hold your flowers – Aim for just below belly button level. Not too high and not too low. This pushes your arms out with a slight bend at your elbow, avoiding crushed skin and bingo wings. It also acts as bonus stomach coverage.


Find your waist – when your photographer says “put your hands on your hips”, what they actually mean is your waist. By putting your hands on your waist you elongate your legs and draw attention to your smallest width. Whereas your actual hips are far lower and essentially the widest part of your figure. Look in the mirror and you’ll see, it’s a little cheat that’s priceless to know.

Chin chineney chin chin charoo – the brides enemy is her second chin, even the size zero model has one hiding, I promise! Practice by pushing your jaw down and out, whilst stretching your neck and rolling your shoulders back. Obviously there is a limit on how far and you’ll know when too far is too far.

Leaning – if you lean forwards or backwards in a heavily boned corset, it’s hard to avoid back fat and the double-boob-fold-over by the armpits in a strapless dress. It’s really important to find a flattering dress that fits correctly for this reason and tailored to your shape. Try to ensure you can dictate to it where you are wanting to lean, rather than the dress staying in one place and you going in another.

smile bride.jpg

Smiling – it sounds really silly to say practice smiling, but hey if it releases good endorphins and makes your life a little better then by all means please do! I’ve found that I can’t disguise a fake smile very well, so I try to do a little laugh before the shot to avoid the typical school photo forced face. If all else fails, just look at your other half and remember what a happy day it is!

Don’t always look to camera – it’s often said by brides that the natural shots are their most favorite. A set up is arranged but then it’s often the in between shots that sell. Well, here’s some news…the ‘set up’ is usually to capture those moments, crafty photographers hey! The ones where you and your guests are naturally smiling and joking together, or when you as a couple are caught in a real moment of love. It’s all in the eyes and you can’t force those looks, so just act as you would normally and I’m sure those moments will be photographed.

details of bride.jpg

Pose appropriately – if your photographer has you doing something that you really really don’t like, then do tell them. Most people aren’t used to having their picture taken, so it’s ok to feel shy and a little bit embarrassed at first. But if you really do detest what they’re suggesting, then just have a quiet word and they will move onto the next shot quickly instead of wasting both of your time on something you won’t choose for your album. It’s reasons such as this that pre-comms with your suppliers is so vital and practice engagement shoots come in so handy.

bride and groom.jpg

Pictures Credit: Dipak Studios

With all this being said, I’ve never known a wedding be exactly the same as another and some things you just can’t predict. No amount of money can persuade the weather Gods to do as they’re told and no amount of pre-warning can prevent some family members from squabbling on the dance floor. Just remember to enjoy celebrating your marriage with your nearest and dearest. With perfect preparation everything that can, should go to plan.





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