CHECK OUT! Lipstick Color defines You…

According to research, your lipstick choice defines your whole lot of personality. So lets get down to the important stuff:

If you pick a red lipstick it says certain things about you. We’ve broken it down to basics, discover them now.


Red and Deep Berries

You’re confident, assertive and self-assured, with a slightly naughty side. You’re not afraid to grab all the attention and you have a unique sense of style.


red lipstick.jpg

Corals and Oranges

You’re a glass-half-full type and you like to add a little quirk to your classics. You’re experimental, which sometimes translates to low commitment bordering on the fickle.



Some people thing you’re shy but they don’t know you properly yet. In fact you’re poised and peaceful and a friend to everyone. If people want advice they come to you.


Pinks and Purples

You’re empathetic and ambitious all at once and you have a tendency to play safe when it comes to big decision-making. You think nothing of dropping a few zeros on a pair of it-sunglasses though.

pink and purple.jpg

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