Harvard adds Fashion Blogging as a Subject!

For last few years, fashion blogging has been taken seriously worldwide not just by the people who read but also designers, high street brands and even luxury brands. It’s not just a hobby anymore: Harvard adds Fashion Blogging has also as a Subject in its Business School programs (HBS)!

Back to California tomorrow with the babe 🤗 #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops #NeverEver

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Chiara Ferragni, a 27 year old Italian blogger and founder of ‘The Blonde Salad’, definitely leads the Fashion Bloggers fraternity worldwide. Besides just attending every fashion week possible and sitting on front rows, you’ll find her on cover page of most fashion magazines or collaborating with the best of designers globally. She even has her own shoe line ‘Chiara Ferragni Shoes’. With 7.6 million followers as of today on her Instagram, you know she is a big deal and every fashion blogger’s personal icon.

Last morning of 2016 🤗 #ItalianDays

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Once, she was listed among the Forbes 30 under 30. Who said Fashion Blogging is not a serious business?

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