Know your dress : Stay in Trend.

We all buy dresses and wear them for different occasions; from office to post office parties, to weekend chilling we have one dress that fits right for the occasion! But it’s necessary for us to know which kind of dress we are wearing!

There are so many dresses, in different shapes and lengths available these days that it gets difficult for us to know which one is called what exactly!


  1. Little Black Dress – We all own one LBD for all those days when we don’t know what to wear, our LBD comes to the rescue! This is a short or medium length BLACK dress which is suitable for practically any and every occasion!


2.Skater Dress – These dresses are have a slightly A line fitting from the top and are flared from the bottom. These dresses are usually above the knee.


3. Maxi Dress – A maxi dress or a long dress is usually ankle length or floor length.


4. Midi Dress – A midi dress will fit till below your knees or calf muscles. If you are short, you should wear wedges or heels with a midi dress, it looks more flattering.


5. A-line Dress – This type of dress is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem and gives an impression of the shape of the capital letter A.

a line dress.jpg

6. Peplum Dress – A flared ruffle that is usually attached at the waistline of a dress.

peplum dress.jpg

7. Shirt Dress – A shirt is usually till the waist /hips. A shirt dress on the other hand can be varying in length. The most popular would be the knee length shirt dress.

shirt dress.jpg

8. Pencil Dress – These dresses are slim fit with a straight and narrow cut. The hem falls to, or just below the knee and is tailored for a close fit.

pencil dress.jpg

9. Tube Dress – A tube dress is shoulderless and sleeveless and wraps around the upper torso. It is generally tight over bust area, usually by an elastic band to prevent it from falling.


10.Halter Dress – A halter dress has its straps tied at the back of the neck. These are usually backless with a very narrow strap in the middle.


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