How to choose right Nude Lipstick as per your skin tone.

Hello dreamers,

Today, we would be talking about how to pick up the right type of nude lipstick according to your skin tone. Every girl who loves minimal makeup might be obsessed with the nude lipsticks, isn’t it? You don’t need to flaunt your lips with dark and bold colors every time. Instead of using a soft and subtle shade is the perfect way to complete a clean and sultry look. While it may seem so simple to pick up a nude lipstick, let me tell you there are more than fifty types of nude lipsticks in the market which you should pick up according to your skin shade/tone.

1. For Dark Skin Tone:

For those who have dark olive or dark skin tone, you should pick up melted chocolate as your nude lipstick shade. You should make sure to ward off those lipsticks which might be lighter than your skin complexion. Wearing a light shade lipstick may create an impression of having dark skin tone and also make your lips look grey.


2. For Medium Skin Tone:

If you are still wondering about a woman, representing a medium skin tone then, let me remind you about Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. Both of them have medium or light olive skin tone and hence, they are often seen wearing an orange, peach or baby pink shade in nudes. Wearing such light shades can allow your lip to pop up instantly.


3. For Fair Skin:

When you generally look in the movies, the skin tone of the Hollywood actresses matches with their lip shade which is not possible to achieve in real life. We do not want the skin to match with the lips and hence, your pick should be a beige pink shade in nude lipsticks. This doesn’t translate well into real life as you want a warmth and a difference in shade between the lips and the skin.


Tell us your thoughts?

Love, Sonika


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