Check Out! Nose Rings Always Looked Gorgeous On An Indian Bride


Not to be inherently biased, but Indian brides are the most gorgeous. One of these bridal beauties is the glorious nose ring, more commonly known as the nath which at a point is an essential part of Indian Bride attire. Since India is quite the cultural concoction, there are all kinds of versions waiting to be worn. Browse through our picks for this wedding season.

Declare that it is your day by sporting a magnificent nath encrusted with colourful beads.

Wear a traditional, heirloom piece that celebrates your culture.

Pick an elaborate one, with beautiful beads, because hello! You are the bride.

A tiny one will serve the purpose, when you want no accessory to come in the way of you and your smile.

Coordinate it with your outfit, and pose for the most stunning bridal portraits.

Don’t forget to tell us in comments below what you think about all these ideas.

Love, Sonika


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