Dandruff Cure

Your whole body continually sheds outer layers of dead skin. Usually, the process isn’t noticeable, but when the skin cells develop an abnormal structure and function, shedding increases and becomes noticeable when the dead cells clump together and form unsightly white flakes, known as dandruff.The key symptom is dry, flaking, white skin scales on the … Continue reading Dandruff Cure


Harvard adds Fashion Blogging as a Subject!

For last few years, fashion blogging has been taken seriously worldwide not just by the people who read but also designers, high street brands and even luxury brands. It’s not just a hobby anymore: Harvard adds Fashion Blogging has also as a Subject in its Business School programs (HBS)! https://www.instagram.com/p/BOuvc4ZAvi2/?taken-by=chiaraferragni Chiara Ferragni, a 27 year … Continue reading Harvard adds Fashion Blogging as a Subject!